Author: Staff

Captive by Lianne Kamp

Captive    In the dream –  she runs, muscles pumping the air which grows thick and impenetrable   screams for help die strangled in her throat, producing a pathetic and muffled whimper   until finally the overwhelming relief when awareness returns and the dream slips away   but there is a heaviness in this awakening and the fog is slow to lift – raising her shoulders she feels the pain as her forehead scrapes the wood   through the dark, her eyes catch the light in stripes filtering through the slats in the boards   panic fills the tiny...

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servant by Greg Schwartz

servant    her magic calls to him echoes on the breeze rise she whispers to the wind.   wrapped in chains at the bottom of the sea his body twitches and dead eyes flick open   again.    ...

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Angelface by Kevin Andersen

Angelface   First time I saw her, my heart skipped a beat the most beautiful girl I could have hoped to meet as if sculpted in marble, unblemished, divine a true piece of art which I had to make mine   Next time I saw her, my pulse began to rise she was an angel lying there right before my eyes her features were perfect, smooth and clear even as they contorted in pain and fear   Now I see her every day and there’s not a trace of suffering to be seen when I look in her face...

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