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Adair, Jason
Jay Adair is an office worker and music instructor. His work has appeared in Hawk & Cleaver's The Other Stories, 101 Words, Escaped Ink and Jitter. He is also a drummer and can be heard on recordings with Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish, Just in Time and Chad McCoy. He can be reached at jayadairwriting@hotmail.com.
Ahern, Edward
I was published by Jitter Press.
Alexander, Michael
Alfieri, J.R.
I was published by Jitter Press.
Allen, Dan
Dan Allen enjoys spending time off the grid in Northern Ontario, Canada. He writes stories of horror, psychological terror, and the supernatural. His story, "The Forgotten One", was published by Jitter Press. He is currently working on a longer length project. You can visit Dan at www.danallenhorror.com or on Facebook at @danallenhorror. You can write to Dan at contact@danallenhorror.com.
Altaf, Nabeela
I was published by Jitter Press.
Amati, Matthew
I was published by Jitter Press.
Andersen, Kevin
Kevin Andersen is twenty-seven years old and has previously been published in the journals Jitter Press, Tanka Journal, Three Line Poetry and Poetry Quarterly. He lives in Aarhus, Denmark, where he works as an assistant editor for the publishing house 'Snepryd'.
Andretta, Julia
I was published by Jitter Press.
Antonio Hall, Ace
I was published by Jitter Press.
Athans, Philip
Bailey, Paul
Baldwin, Rick
I was published by Jitter Press.
Baldwin, Robert
I was published by Jitter Press.
Barden, Jason
Jason R. Barden began writing poetry around the age of thirteen. At age thirty-three, he transitioned into dark fantasy and horror fiction. His first novel, The Spitting Post, is available at Amazon and other online retailers. In addition to writing, he enjoys hiking and photography. For further information please visit his website, www.jasonrbarden.com.

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