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Waltz, Christopher
I was published by Jitter Press.
Wilson, John
I write science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, and everything inbetween. Check out the rest of my writing at: https://arthurwalterson.wordpress.com/
Wolf, John
I am an Oregonian raised in the Midwest and now living back in the Northwest. I occupy all that time running around reading and writing. My work has appeared in Inwood Indiana, The Mason J. Press, and Shadows At the Door.
Woodall, Eric
Woodard, Zoe
Zoe Woodard is a student at California State University Long Beach, working on her BA in Japanese and her minor in Creative Writing. She has currently been published in the anthology Blood in the Rain 3 and Issue 6 or Jitter Press.
Yarborough, Bill
I was published by Jitter Press.
Zawlacki, Jake
Jake Zawlacki is currently pursuing an obscure master's degree at Stanford University. He has been published in The Citron Review, Riggwelter, Eunoia Review, Gravel, Litro and many others.
Zelenyj, Alexander
I was published by Jitter Press.

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