You did not know at first
You were dead. Once you
Understood the finality of your position
You idly wondered how it had happened.
Something sudden, or likely you would remember.
Car accident, perhaps. Or a massive
Heart attack. Certainly, nothing as mundane
As pneumonia or food poisoning.
Now, you sit with hands folded,
Your shoulders against the back of a
Stiff white chair, your feet
Flat on the stiff white floor.
You are thinking if perhaps
You should try to look less non-descript,
Stand out in some way from the lackluster
Multitudes who have waited in this
Small, stiff white room. Could be
God is reading your thoughts and is about
To make His final decision. You imagine
Him staring through an unspectacular
Wall that is one-way viewing for Him,
Rubbing His eyes for the billionth time.
It might be good if He seems unsure.
This is not the time to be overcome
By a revulsion at the room’s background music.