The primary mission of Jitter Press is to frighten our readers. We really do want them to lose sleep.

To this end, we publish excellent literary works from both established and emerging writers. Our publication includes poetry and fiction with an emphasis on themes of horror and suspense. It is our mission to provide the most professional and rewarding (and frightening) publication of its kind. Jitter Press is an excellent platform for writers to showcase their work.

Jitter Press is a rolling journal with no set schedule. We read all submissions carefully, and accept only the best works. Issues are printed when they are ready, and no sooner.

We pledge:

  • not detract from the website or our publications by including gratuitous advertising.
  • to treat all our customers and writers with respect.
  • to protect the private information of our customers and writers.
  • to uphold the highest levels of dignity and ethics in everything we do.
  • to support the arts by providing a supporting venue for writers of all levels.

We will always listen to ideas, suggestions, complaints, and remain humble. We reject most submissions on the basis of comparative quality. A rejection doesn’t always imply that a writer produces substandard work. Sometimes we simply have to make decisions between competing works that are equally desirable. We cannot accept everything, and not even everything we like.

We require all staff members to read this mission regularly and stay focused on these goals!