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Fleischman, Justin
I was published by Jitter Press.
Foster, Luke
I was published by Jitter Press.
Friesen, Gabrielle
During the daylight hours Gabrielle Bleu lifts mammoth tusks and whale ribs for a living. At night, she moonlights as a writer, and also as a werewolf. Outside of Jitter Press, her work has appeared in the Story Seed Vault and the Arcanist. She can be followed @BeteMonstrueuse on Twitter, or at https://gabriellebleu.com/.
Frost, Kyle
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gagliardi, Annette
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gardiner, Tim
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gentry, Susan
I was published by Prolific Press, Jitter Press, Amazon and several newspapers. Currently live in western Kentucky.
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gooding-Call, Anna
A.M. Call prowls the streets of Salem, Massachusetts, where the witches maintain a garden club and the devil gives out free hugs. A.M. has also written for Syntax and Salt, Unnerving Magazine, and Daily Science Fiction.
Goodman, Jarid
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gordon, Steven
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gorman, Anita
Anita G. Gorman grew up in New York City and is aging in northeast Ohio. Her work has appeared in such publications as Clues: A Journal of Detection; FOLLY; Mythlore; Dime Novel Roundup; the Swedish-American Historical Quarterly, and nine volumes of the Dictionary of Literary Biography. “Where Are You, O High-School Friends?” was published in Unfinished Chapters (2015) and “Finding Bill” in Finding Mr. Right (2016). Her short stories have appeared in Gilbert, Down in the Dirt, Dual Coast, Knee-Jerk, Speculative Grammarian, and Jitter Press.
Grant, Ken
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gravina, Kristyl
I was published by Jitter Press.
Gray, Gerri
I am the author of The Amnesia Girl; Gray Skies of Dismal Dreams; and The Graveyard Girls (all published by HellBound Books.) My short stories and poems have been published in a number of literary journals and anthologies. For more information, please visit my Amazon author page at: https://www.amazon.com/Gerri-R-Gray/e/B076GTZ8XK/

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