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Martinez, S. Alessandro
Matoc, Mark
My name is Mark Matoc AKA Marcus Hawke. I am an artist, graphic designer and now thanks to Jitter Press, a writer. Thank you for your interest in my work. Stay scared!
Mchardy, Simon
I was published by Jitter Press.
McKernan, John
I was published by Jitter Press.
McQuiggan, Stephen
I was published by Jitter Press.
McQuiston, Rick
I was published by Jitter Press.
Metzler, Jeff
Meyrowitz, Alan
I was published by Jitter Press.
Mielke, Jacob
Jacob Mielke is a writer of horror and speculative fiction. He has currently been published twice by Jitter. His flash fiction story, Breakfast, can be found in Jitter Issue 3 and his horror poem, The Beast of Whitefish Bay, in Jitter Issue 4.
Miller, Terry
Terry Miller's work has appeared in Sanitarium Magazine and Devolution Z. His dark verse piece "Salome's New King" is a Rhysling Award nominee and is set to appear in the 2017 anthology. He has his own short anthology entitled "Fleshlings" which is available on Amazon.com.
Montgomery, Jennifer
Jennifer Y. Montgomery is a poet, writer, visual artist, storyteller, attorney, and pie baker who lives in the Connecticut woods with her daughter and two cats. She grew up in rural North Dakota but believes she has no discernible accent. She has lived in California, North Dakota, Scotland, Israel, and Connecticut. All of these places have influenced her life and writing. Her poems have appeared in Poetry Quarterly, Red Weather, Haiku Journal, Failed Haiku, and several others. She has told numerous stories on stage, one of which is forthcoming on the Mouth-Off Storytelling podcast. She believes that truth is stranger than fiction and authenticity is the highest art form.
Morgan, Briana
I was published by Jitter Press.
Mosley, Kristina
I was published by Jitter Press.
Moss, Glenn
I was published by Jitter Press.rnrnI am a media lawyer by trade and has been been writing poetry, stories and plays since high school in Brooklyn.rnrnI went to Binghamton University, where I wrote a five act play for a course in Jacobean Literature. That experience encouraged me to continue writing, and in law school at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, I wrote a play for a course in Jurisprudence. rnReturning to NYC and a life in law and family, I continued to write poetry and stories amidst contracts and business plans. I believe that each area of writing is enriched by the other, with even contracts benefitting from a bit of poetic dance.rnI have had poems and prose published in Ithaca Lit, West Trade Review, Oddville Press and 34th Parallel.rn
Mullen, Rene
I was published by Jitter Press.

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