A small mouse explored a patch of grass near a highway. A large bullfrog lurked behind him. The bullfrog yearned; waiting for the perfect moment. It closed its eyes and leaped into the air. The mouse continued exploring, unaware of the incoming attacker. Before landing, the bullfrog opened its mouth and its tongue lurched out towards the mouse. The mouse disappeared with two quick bites. The bullfrog leaped away from the road as a Ford Granada raced down the highway.

The Granada ran to its limit; as fast as it could go; headlights splashing against the road and trees. Fear pushed the Granada to this speed; fear and urgency. The operator of the Granada looked to the back seat. There laid a woman making fast short breaths.

“Hold on honey. We’ll be at the hospital soon.”

“Ahhh! I am not having this baby in the car!”

“I’m going as fast as I safely can.”

“It’s not fast enough!”

“I’m already speeding, and this stretch of highway is dangerous at night.”

“You’re about to have danger in this backseat if we’re not at the hospital soon!”

Something lurked across the tops of the trees as the Granada sped down the highway. It followed the car; waiting for the perfect moment. From within the trees, a dark figure leaped into the air, soaring through the moonlight. The Granada and those within continued down the highway, unaware of the incoming attacker. With a loud thump, the figure landed on top of the car.

“What the hell was that!?”

“I don’t know, just keep breathing.”

The driver looked up and then all around the car but couldn’t see anything that caused the noise. The figure atop the car laid motionless. Another dark figure ran through the trees alongside the car. The driver didn’t notice the figure in the darkness. The loud noise left the driver’s mind as he focused on driving.

“Is something wrong with the car?”

“I don’t think so. I’ll check after I get you to the ER. We’re almost back in town.”

“How long?”

“Uh, maybe ten minutes…”

“Drive faster!”

The running figure threw something towards the car causing the rear tire to blow out. The driver fought to keep control of the Granada to stop it safely. The passenger atop the car vanished.

“I’ll be right back. Shit. Shit!”



The driver fumbled with the keys to open the trunk. He dropped to the ground to find a good place to lift the Granada. Three sets of legs waited in front of the car. The driver sprang up and waved a tire iron between him and the eyeless hooded corpses.

“Stay back!”

“What’s going on Howard!? Can you change the…Ahhh…hurry!”

In an instant one creature stood next to the driver and snapped his neck.

“Howard? Howard! Answer me!”

The figure threw the pregnant woman from the car and snapped her neck. The three dark figures tore into the pregnant woman’s stomach and fought over the unborn child. Several minutes of flesh tearing and bone crunching occupied them.

“Nothing’s happening.”

“Should we have waited for birth?”

“Just wait.”

They fell thrashing violently. Their blood curdling screams echoed through the forest and down the highway. The screaming stopped. They laid motionless. Heavy breathing. Panting. Their hair changed from the frail, thin white to full, thick, shiny tresses. Skin and eyes formed. They climbed to their feet laughing.

“We’re young again.”

“Even younger than the last time we changed.”

“How long’s it been?”

“Too long.”

“My skin is so smooth.”

“How did you get red hair? I want red hair!”

“Well I want blonde hair. It would look great with my smooth skin.”

“Quiet! We have so much to accomplish. The world has changed. We must acclimate and blend in. Our youth won’t last forever.”

“I’d look better as a red head is all I’m saying.”

“You both can change your hair when we get home. Or have you forgotten we can alter our appearances? Come.”

“Why does she always have dark hair?”

“She never changes her hair. That’s her natural color.”

“So, I’m a natural blonde?”

“I don’t remember. Maybe.”

“We are plotting to kill those people who destroyed our families and all you two can talk about is hair color. Will you two focus, please?”


“Yeah, sorry.”

The three women returned to the darkness of the forest. Several bullfrogs searched for food. They waited for the insects to come for the carcasses. The Granada’s headlights continued gazing on the road in silence.