Dark Embrace 


In the stillness of the night,
A silver moon shines big and bright.
I take a walk by the darkening sea,
The solitude envelopes me.

And as the twilight slowly fades,
In dreamy watercolor shades,
Musical notes float on by,
Like the sweetest lullaby.

Familiar yet undefined,
Haunting memories entwine,
I listen as the sound cascades.
Slowly, a creeping mist invades.

I shiver and heave a heavy sigh,
I feel a yearning I can’t deny.
Now the ground starts to spin.
A slow chill crawls across my skin.

A shadow blocks the moon’s bright light.
I stand alone in the darkest night.
Then something moves, and wings unfurl,
And I am caught up in the swirl.

Then in the shadows of the night,
I feel the vampire’s piercing bite.
I begin to float as if in a trance,
Welcoming this strange romance.

Dancing against the muted moon,
Enchanted by the magic tune,
Immortal souls now interlace,
And I succumb to his dark embrace.