The Legend of La Llorona

Along the banks of the Rio Grande
a woman roams, searches and cries
Searching for her children lost in its depths
as tears stream from her eyes

Her hair is dark as the void in her heart
the moon lights up her gown
She’s dressed in all-white as she was that night
when she and her children would drown

Once a beautiful woman, mother and wife
Sweet and loving as one could be
Until tragedy happened, and her husband left her
for a woman younger than she

Mad with rage she grabbed their children
and wandered into the night
Until she stood at the bank of the river
And drowned them both out of spite

When later she came to her senses and saw
the terrible deed she had done
She cried out in grief and despair then threw
in herself, sank and was gone

They call her La Llorona – the wailing woman
a mother condemned for her crime
By drowning her children and later herself
she has been cursed for all time

If you are near the banks of Rio Grande at night
and you hear her anguished wail
Keep your children away or she’ll take yours instead
at least, so goes the tale